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India Market Entry

Mar 31

A company’s success in India will depend on the correct estimation of the market potential. Overestimation of possibilities and underestimation of complexities that a company might face may lead to its failure. Due consideration needs to be given to the inherent difficulties and functional hazards that a company might encounter while working in the Indian system.

The entry into the market of India necessitates the formulation of a well-designed plan which in itself should be a product of thorough research. Above all, the companies should bear in mind the objective of growth in the long run and not profit in the short run in order to make their stay in India a permanent one.

Innoversant has the in-depth knowledge and understanding of local business conditions, climate and culture of India that is required to ensure rapid, successful market penetration. Combined with our extensive list of strategic partners and local contacts, Innoversant is uniquely positioned to assist international companies seeking entry or expansion into Indian markets.

How we add value

Reduce risks of market entry

  • Better understanding of the risks of market entry
  • Mitigate risks of uninformed decisions or poor advice
  • Understand, and helpĀ  Management and Investors understand business risks in India market

Improve speed to market

  • Avoid traps that result in delays or difficulties
  • Local contacts and understanding of local practices lets things be done more efficiently

Cost Savings & Transparency

  • Local contacts allow access to local cost structures
  • Retain transparency and accountability in pricing and processes

Bridging Insights

  • Translate between international thinking and local practices

India Market Entry solutions

  • Prepare feasibility studies on entry in India
  • Prepare custom business plan for India
  • Location Advisory and Search
  • Timing and Budgeting
  • Handling regulatory affairs and securing approvals
  • Company formation and related services
  • Setting up office and insfrastructure
  • Recruitment and staffing
  • Accounting and tax related services
  • Partner and Distributor search

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