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Our Clients
Innoversant has helped several international companies in strategic business areas.

Business Consulting

We provide specialized consulting services and business solutions to global companies and small & mid-size businesses. Our combination of research and consulting services provide our clients with a unique support for their strategic and operative decisions in existing and new markets.

Services Portfolio

Market Entry of International companies
  • Prepare feasibility studies weighing the pros and cons of undertaking a planned investment/entry into India.
  • Prepare business plan based on local knowledge and experience.
  • Timing and Budgeting.
  • Handling of Regulatory affairs for our clients, including getting all necessary clearances, authorizations, certifications, licenses, etc.
  • Commercial entity establishment.
  • Set up client’s India operations including Incorporation and infrastructure.
  • Recruitment and team building activities.
  • Logistics.
  • Sales and Distribution.
Market Research & Competitive Intelligence
  • Wide range of market research tailored to the requirements of our clients.
  • Characterizing market growth and identifying potential competitors, their product prices, sales methods, and consumer base.
  • Industry specific information regarding taxes and incentives, import/export potential, regulatory issues, and logistics.
Marketing & Business Development
  • Planning with anticipated future trends to produces results that give our clients a long-term competitive advantage.
  • Program conceptualization, planning and management.
  • Develop business development strategy that leverages our extensive business contacts and networks throughout India and abroad.
  • Business development activities ranging from tele-marketing to in-person visits by experienced and qualified multi-disciplinary consultants.
  • Collaborative go-to-market strategies and execution.
  • Tailor made approach to cater to sector-specific target audience.
  • Meet the immediate operational and financial objectives of our clients; also give them the tools to remain competitive in the medium and long term.
Negotiation Support
  • Negotiation support ranging from behind-the-scene preparations to side-by-side or direct representation.
  • Step-by-step identification of decision makers and agencies of authority, as well as extensive background research in preparation for the actual negotiation sessions.
  • Play an advisory role by helping to monitor the implementation of the agreed upon terms.
Alliances & Channel development
  • Conduct due diligence to determine if a partnership is really in our client's best interest.
  • Search for prospective alliances by focusing on mutually compatible values and objectives.
  • Participate in dialogues between parties and assist in negotiations.
  • Assist in developing a formal relationship between client and the partner.
  • Develop an effective exit strategy.
Organization Building
  • Set up the organization and infrastructure.
  • Manage regulatory affairs.
  • Team building and recruitment of Key personnel.
  • Define Business goals and policies, objective setting.
  • Strategies for marketing, business development.
  • Handle day-to-day operations.
  • Business incubation services.
Liaison & Tendering Services
  • Leverage our extensive business and government contacts to develop and protect our clients’ business interests.
  • Pre tendering assistance: providing valuable background information about funding, specifications, Pre-Qualification criteria etc and helping to incorporate favorable tender conditions, Pre-Qualification criteria and specifications.
  • Assistance in tender preparation.
  • Post tender follow up & liaison for securing the contracts/projects.
  • Assistance in Payment collection and administrative matters.
  • Assistance in technical matters with training support from client.
  • Data collection, market research, reporting etc. for on-going and future projects.
  • Information about forthcoming projects and government and departmental sector specific funding plans.
Sourcing and Supplier search
  • Locating suitable vendors for products and services as per client requirements.
  • Conduct due-diligence on parameters set by the client.
  • Assist in negotiating the best deal for our client.
Other Business Support services
  • Strategic tie-ups with various Service providers and Vendors.
  • Coordination of visits by delegations.
  • Operational management of events and programs.
Our Clients
Innoversant has helped several international companies in strategic business areas.
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