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Aerospace & Defence

High Channel Count High Speed Data Acquisition Systems

With this "High Speed High Channel Count System" you can configure up to 1,080 synchronized channels according to your requirements. Your system grows from the first channel onwards exactly as your project changes. Stay on top, rapidly, reliably, flexibly and always with perfect precision.

Up to 8 "slaves" can be connected to a master, each of these 9 devices can contain between 4 and 120 channels, and all 1,080 channels can measure in synchronization with each other. It is also possible to add an Optional Data Generation Slave to the System, to Generate Simultaneous Signals, allowing the system to generate a predetermined signal at extremely fast rates of upto 100 MS/s.

The System captures and records interference peaks with a sampling rate of up to 100MS/s. On all channels if necessary! It is possible, with the Dual Rate Recording principle, to record fast transients and, at the same time, record a continuous measurement series on the same channel.

Save directly to your PC hard drive, a removable disk or network server via Gigabit Ethernet. To ensure that no samples gets lost, an SCSI RAID can be optionally connected. Or, if it needs to be quick, RAID 0 for even faster data storage.

Input amplifier for each sensor - selectable via software

Complex systems contain all types of signals. Sensor type and input circuits must match each other. The system provides the entire spectrum of physical input amplifiers, you just need to select the appropriate one using the software, whether they are bridges, differential connections, resistance-based for current measurements or optimized for ICP® piezo sensors.

The optional GPS modules mean that the same time basis can be used for operation across different countries. See the details on site and keep the overall view in sight.

Only when all values are synchronized with each other, can cause and effect be in the correct relationship.

Typical applications:

  • High-precision transient recorder and Signal Generation
  • Data recorder for long-term monitoring

Typical application areas:

  • Pyrotechnics
  • Energy and high-voltage technology
  • Destructive material testing
  • Aerospace
  • Simulation

Portable and High Resolution Data Logger

  • 24-bit resolution
  • Accurate to within 0.1%
  • Up to 8 true differential inputs
  • Up to 16 single-ended inputs
  • Fast conversion time
  • Digital output for control
  • Galvanic isolation from the PC to eliminate noise pickup
  • Data acquisition software included

The ultimate in resolution and accuracy
With up to 24-bit resolution this USB data loggers is able to detect small signal changes. Features such as true differential inputs, galvanic isolation, and software selectable sampling rates, all contribute to a superior noise free resolution, and ensure that your measurements are reliable and are accurate to within 0.1%.

Flexible, multi-channel data acquisition
The true differential input is excellent for noise rejection. To give you a very flexible system each differential input can also be configured as 2 single-ended inputs. With up to 8 differential or 16 single-ended inputs the board provides you with flexibility and gives you complete control on what type of inputs you use. For example, you may configure to use 4 differential and 8 single-ended inputs, or 2 differential and 12 single-ended inputs, and so on...the choice is yours.

With as many as 7 bipolar voltage ranges, the boards are also flexible enough to be used with a wide range of sensors and signal types. Whilst the optional terminal board provides screw terminals to allow you to quickly connect and disconnect different sensors.

Additionally, the board has 4 configurable digital input/output channels that can be used to control alarms or other devices. You can configure these I/O channels in any combination. For example, 3 digital inputs could be used with 1 digital output. The flexibility of these precision data loggers allows you to use this device as an advanced multi-channel data acquisition system with a low cost per channel.

No need for power supplies or batteries
The high-resolution boards are powered directly by your PC — eliminating the need for batteries or a separate power supply, and making them ideal when you need a portable data logger.

When you need the ultimate in high-resolution and accuracy, this versatile board provides you with a portable answer with the performance and flexibility you need.

High Speed Data Recorders

This solution provides all the record and replay capabilities which can be mounted locally (rack mount chassis available) and/or remotely. Ergonomic controls and display provide the user with system status feedback and simple operation.

The built-in hard drive RAID is easily removable to facilitate separation of data from multiple or secure missions. The solution is ideal for large ground station, transportable, and rugged applications.

  • Up to 1.7 Gbit/s aggregate data rate
  • Up to 8 TB storage capacity
  • Versatile, scalable, expandable to meet future requirements
  • Supports up to 4 simultaneous record media in real-time with channel filtering
  • Can support distributed system (Interfaces can be positioned near signal sources)
  • Removable media for secure applications
  • Maintenance Advantage due to modularity of system
  • IRIG106 Chapter 10 compliant