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Homeland Security

Solutions to ensure maximum protection from threats to vital assets

We are a leading supplier of Homeland Security solutions; including Law Enforcement and Tactical equipment and products for Police, Customs, Corrections, Military and Defence and other Government agencies. We also supply private companies and individuals with gear to ensure protection of vital assets and prevention of threats.

InnoVersant has quickly established itself as a reputed and reliable supplier of quality security solutions. We work with the world's premier manufacturers, and together we offer and promote their solutions in India.

We work with the end users and related stakeholders very closely to identify the right solutions and generate maximum value for their investments. We have strong experience working with various law enforcement agencies, para-military forces, border security, port security and intelligence agencies in India.

Some of the solutions we offer include:

• Bullet-proof Body suits
• Bullet-proof Helmets
• Shields
• Bomb-proof Suits
• Riot-control Suits and Kits
• IED detection equipment
• Night Vision & Thermal Imaging systems
• Communication equipment
• Electronic Countermeasures
• Access control systems
• Rescue Devices
• Traffic & Vehicle control